Mobile Edge Cloud for Robot Arm Control

Micro-services for the robot arm control

Optimization policies

Reduce latency

Reduce the processing time by reducing the number of applications running on the same host with the high priority application

Increase bandwidth

Avoid bottlenecks through increasing hardware utilization

Energy saving

Increase number of machines in idle mode, decreasing number of involved network devices

Increase resilience

Eliminate impact of Hardware/Software failures Increasing reliability

Life cycle


Building up the route, providing computation resources

Normal Operation

Active usage of computation resources and communication links


Migration or adaptation of resources to the service requirements



You are able to move a robot arm in our lab with your keyboard or mouse! Hit the target by shooting on it. Use 'w', 's', 'a', 'd' to move top, down, left, and right correspondingly. Use 'c' to fire. The other robot uses an algorithm to escape your robot. Each time you manage to hit, your level increases. The higher the level, the harder it gets to hit. We model the difficulty by adding an artificial latency to your move/fire commands. You have 2 minutes to reach the highest 7th level.

A little background

The robot control runs in an Edge Cloud located in the robotics lab, Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks. We ensure a reliability of this application in case of software/hardware failures using Live migration of the cloud application.

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